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The Peatcutter Bar

The Peat Cutter

Welcome to the Islay House Bar, The Peat Cutter.


Peat plays an important part in life on Islay. It is still used by many Islay residents to heat their homes and, arguably most importantly, it is used by Islay's famous Whisky distilleries to dry their malted barley. It is this drying process that gives Islay Malt its unique smokey flavour, its 'peatiness'.


The Peat Cutter takes its name from this essential ingredient of Islay life and you may notice our beautiful oil on canvas above the Bar's mantlepiece, aptly named 'Cutting Peat', depicting men at work in the peat banks.


We offer the full range of Islay SIngle Malt Whisky from all of Islay's distilleries. Islay House also stocks a range of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society's rare Single Cask single malts, an offering that is exclusive to The Peat Cutter and not to be found officially in any other establishment on Islay. 



Whilst The Peat Cutter is primarily a Whisky bar, we also stock a range of local beers, Hebredian gins and a selection of fine wines.


The Peat Cutter is open from 11am daily to both resident guests of Islay House and the public.


We look forward to welcoming you for a dram or a

glass of your favourite tipple in The Peat Cutter in

the near future. 

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