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The Islay House Community Garden

Originally known as 'the Kitchen Garden', the walled Community Garden dates back to the 1700s. Its historic primary function was to supply the residents of Islay House with fresh produce, but it was last used to service the house in the 1960s.


In 2005 the 'Kitchen Garden' became the Islay House Community Garden when it was first leased to the local community, and it has since thrived through the community's devoted efforts. Many of the Garden's original features, such as the well and sundial can still be seen today.


In addition to the fresh vegetables and fruit that are grown in the garden, and sold at the garden shop, there are a number of UK champion trees in the Community Garden. One such tree is the large Ribbonwood, which is recognised as a champion by the UK Tree Register.


The Islay House Community Garden is open all year and is free for all to visit.


We hope that you enjoy the Islay House Community Garden's serenity, as well as some of its fantastic freshly grown local produce.


For more information on the Islay House Community Garden, please visit:

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