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Shooting on Islay


Unsurprisingly with its lush green landscapes and vast array of wildlife, Islay has become known as one of Britain's best hunting grounds.


With a huge quantity of Stags, Hinds and Roe Deer, stalking is very popular on Islay and attracts keen hunters from around the world. 


Shooting on Islay is first-rate too, with pheasants, partridge and a variety of other game birds in abundance on the Isle, which is particularly good for woodcock. We can work with various local estates to arrange for driven or walked-up days, but significantly advanced notice is usually required.

We are also able to arrange clay pigeon shooting on our grounds or one of the neighbouring estates.


If you are interested in a stalking or shooting during your stay at Islay House, please contact us well in advance of your intended stay at with details of the type of hunt that interests you and we will make all of the necessary arrangements to ensure that you have a satisfying excursion.

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