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Islay's Beaches


One of Islay's many great charms is its 130 mile coastline and the sublime beaches that come with it. 


From the pebbley shingle laced shores of Claggan Bay with its awe inspiring views over the Kintyre peninsula, to the sandy dunes of Machir Bay, Islay has beaches of every character on offer.


The Big Strand is Islay's longest beach, stretching out for 7 miles of sandy bliss from Laggan Point to the Oa in the South of the Isle, providing the perfect place for a long walk on a summer's day.


Saligo Bay has often been called Islay's most beautiful beach, but we would urge you to visit Lossit Bay, as well as Kilcharian Bay (just to name two more of our most stunning settings) and choose your own favourite.


With over twenty scenic beaches to visit and plenty of local wildlife to see, everyone has their own prized special place on Islay.


Please feel free to ask Islay House Staff for recommendations of their favourite spots on Islay's coast, as well as for the most likely places to see the local wildlife, such as our seals and otters.


If you would like us to organise a tour of Islay's beaches during your stay at Islay House, please e-mail us at and we will come up with a bespoke plan that includes everything you could want to see of Islay's majestic coastline.



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